robyn reviews… Oscar & Rosie’s, Nottingham

I first learned of Oscar & Rosie’s pizza through their residence at Das Kino and had been keen to try them properly since they branched out on their own. These guys are all about the ingredients – high quality and quality taste. They’re currently a bit tucked away on Thurland St. (though I hear they’re… Continue reading robyn reviews… Oscar & Rosie’s, Nottingham

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Florence, part 1: The food, the drink, & consuming it all solo

The food So it turns out that Florence isn’t really renowned for its pizza, which goes against everything I thought I knew about Italy (basically, pizza everywhere). However, its home to a lot of other incredible food, and I was lucky to carb-load my way through quite a lot of it… 4 Leoni Set in… Continue reading Florence, part 1: The food, the drink, & consuming it all solo


robyn reviews… Le Mistral, Nottingham

The ask: a restaurant fancy enough for a date on a Monday evening where I can wear a dress and heels without looking out of place and still eat good, reasonably priced food. The answer: Le Mistral! Tucked away in a quiet courtyard just a stone’s throw from the busy Market Square, Le Mistral is a French-style bistro… Continue reading robyn reviews… Le Mistral, Nottingham


robyn reviews… The Ned Ludd, Nottingham

After spending a weekend at home with my parents, we decided to get some lunch together in the city centre before they dropped me back off at my flat. They’re both vegetarian, so a little bit of consideration has to go into choosing where we go to eat. The Ned Ludd, located just off Market Square, seemed… Continue reading robyn reviews… The Ned Ludd, Nottingham


robyn reviews… The Lion, Farnsfield

If you’ve ever watched the TV show Gilmore Girls, you’ll no doubt have wondered whether somewhere like the town of Stars Hollow could possibly exist outside the world of fiction. Nowhere is so picturesque, surely? Well it turns out somewhere is, and North Notts is home to it: Farnsfield, a small village that is best described as absolutely adorable.… Continue reading robyn reviews… The Lion, Farnsfield


robyn reviews… Sexy Mamma Love Spaghetti, Nottingham

To say that this place is the talk of the city would be an understatement. Having popped up in Hockley only a few months ago, with no grand opening or online presence to announce itself (nothing but its endearing, if not somewhat bemusing name signposted out front), you’d be forgiven for assuming that Sexy Mamma Love Spaghetti isn’t a… Continue reading robyn reviews… Sexy Mamma Love Spaghetti, Nottingham