The Embankment, Nottingham – review

Despite being a grade II listed building and a stone’s throw from Trent Bridge, you could be forgiven for never having noticed The Embankment. It sits back from the river, unassuming – but this pub has an interesting past, and a pretty damn good present. This place began life as one of the very first Boots… Continue reading The Embankment, Nottingham – review


Carluccio’s, West Bridgford – review

Having just moved to the area, I wanted to show my parents around West Bridgford in Nottingham; Central Avenue, the main high street, is teeming with shops, bars and restaurants, so with a day off work and a Mother’s Day meal on the cards, we set out in search of a lunchtime offering. With one… Continue reading Carluccio’s, West Bridgford – review


Brunch at Gusto, West Bridgford – review

Friday night drinks call for a Saturday morning refuel, right? My friend and I certainly think so. We love a post-night out breakfast trip, and we’ve worked our way through a few places in Nottingham city centre, but as I’ve just moved to West Bridgford this week, this was the perfect opportunity to try somewhere new.… Continue reading Brunch at Gusto, West Bridgford – review


Vegan food in Nottingham (Veganuary part 2) – review

Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t just eat pizza throughout Veganuary (though could have done so quite easily). I tried out the vegan options in a few different eateries – which, as a statement, is quite impressive. No, not my ability to eat copious amounts and burn through my money, but the fact that it’s… Continue reading Vegan food in Nottingham (Veganuary part 2) – review


Vegan pizza in Nottingham (Veganuary part 1) – review

Now that we’re safely into February, it’s time to look back on the longest month known to man: January 2018, take a bow! In spirit of my New Year’s resolution to try and be more ‘glass half full’ (and by that I aiming for more optimism, as opposed to a consistently heavy wine glass), let’s… Continue reading Vegan pizza in Nottingham (Veganuary part 1) – review


Oscar & Rosie’s, Nottingham – review

I first learned of Oscar & Rosie’s pizza through their residence at Das Kino and had been keen to try them properly since they branched out on their own. These guys are all about the ingredients – high quality and quality taste. They’re currently a bit tucked away on Thurland St. (though I hear they’re… Continue reading Oscar & Rosie’s, Nottingham – review

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Florence, part 1: The food, the drink, & consuming it all solo

The food So it turns out that Florence isn’t really renowned for its pizza, which goes against everything I thought I knew about Italy (basically, pizza everywhere). However, its home to a lot of other incredible food, and I was lucky to carb-load my way through quite a lot of it… 4 Leoni Set in… Continue reading Florence, part 1: The food, the drink, & consuming it all solo


Le Mistral, Nottingham – review

The ask: a restaurant fancy enough for a date on a Monday evening where I can wear a dress and heels without looking out of place and still eat good, reasonably priced food. The answer: Le Mistral! Tucked away in a quiet courtyard just a stone’s throw from the busy Market Square, Le Mistral is a French-style bistro… Continue reading Le Mistral, Nottingham – review