robyn reviews… Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick & Lip Mattifier Set

Many months ago, I wrote a rather raving blog post about a Smashbox gift set that I thought was pretty great. Well, I’m about to do a repeat performance…

For my birthday last week I received the Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick & Lip Mattifier Set. It’s part of the Drawn in. Decked out. holiday collection, a collaboration with designer Ana Strumpf – think gorgeous gift sets with cute graffiti-like illustrations. This one’s no different, with scribbled lips packaging and even a sticker set (if you’re into personalising stuff).

The set features 6 mini bestselling cream lipsticks, in nude to dark shades, accompanied by a mattifying lotion that will turn each cream into matte. I should also mentioned that all products are cruelty-free, which is always a win.

Witchy, Fig, Legendary, Famous, Primrose, Audition

Every shade is super wearable and packed with pigment – you only need to swipe it on a couple of times to get the desired colour, even with the more neutral shades. They’re also the perfect size for your bag (even the smallest clutch), so there’s no need to sacrifice any other essentials when you’re on the go.

But the real star of this whole thing is the mattifying cream. This baby basically transforms each lipstick into another product completely, so essentially you’re getting two for the price of one. Just a couple of drops tapped on with your finger and the cream becomes matte – and best of all, it’s not drying at all!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is a big deal).  My only complaint is that this tube is woefully small – but I guess that’s how they hook you to repurchase.

With that said, take  look at them in situ. I’ve only photographed them in their original cream form, but believe me when I say they all look great matte too. Check them out below*

*Disclaimer: I struggle with my face go easy on me thanks



1. Legendary – your classic red lip, I think this is actually the shade the whole ‘Be Legendary’ range was named after. It’s Hollywood glamour – bright, bold and full of pigment. Pretty sure this would suit all skin tones.


2. Famous – a sandy nude shade (and the lightest of the set). As I have pink undertones, I thought this one might wash my lips out but I was pleasantly surprised. This one takes a couple of swipes but for a nude like this it applies really well.


3. Witchy – a deep burgundy, true to its name (I personally would have gone with ‘vampy’ but you do you, Smashbox). Normally these dark shades are a bit too much for me, but I actually wore this out during the day and it didn’t feel too extreme at all.


4. Primrose – a mauve pink, this is more along the lines of your classic pink lip. I say ‘classic’, meaning this is the kind of shade I associate with the lipsticks worn by family members who aren’t particularly daring with their colour palette. Not for me, normally, but I think this one works (although that may be because of my pink undertones).


5. Fig – a deep berry shade. This is probably my favourite of the bunch, just because it works so well for daytime and evening alike – wore it on my birthday!


6. Audition – So this is pretty much the nude I’ve been searching for my entire life (and that’s only a mild exaggeration) It’s a ‘neutral rose’ that’s neither too pink nor too sandy. It kind of just accentuates my natural lip colour, which is fab for day-to-day wear.

robyn’s review… 9/10

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