The Ned Ludd, Nottingham – review

After spending a weekend at home with my parents, we decided to get some lunch together in the city centre before they dropped me back off at my flat. They’re both vegetarian, so a little bit of consideration has to go into choosing where we go to eat.

The Ned Ludd, located just off Market Square, seemed to offer quite a few veggie options (especially for a pub) so we gave it a go. At first I wasn’t sure we’d made the right choice; it definitely felt like more of a drinking hole than somewhere to eat! But we’d committed so we placed our orders.

The barman doubled up as a waiter, but as it was fairly quiet this didn’t impact on the service, which was good throughout. The pub is ideally positioned for some quality people-watching, and my mum and dad also remarked positively on the choice of playlist, so the overall vibe got a thumbs up! It wasn’t too long before our food arrived.


I went for the scampi which came with chips, peas and tartare sauce. Unfortunately the cod and prawn flavours were indistinguishable, and while the menu claimed they were homemade there wasn’t really anything that would set them apart from a bag of scampi you could buy in the frozen aisle. But the chips were suitably chunky and the sauce nice and tangy, and on the whole it made for an alright pub meal – just nothing that special.

Luckily (and surprisingly, with them being the veggie patrons), my parents fared much better!

Dambuster & Leek Sausages

My dad went for the Lincolnshire Dambuster & Leek Sausages, accompanied with mash and green beans. I think in general restaurants massively underestimate just how happy vegetarians would be with a non-meat equivalent of a simple dish. Case in point: my dad was well chuffed with the option of good old sausages and mash. The sausages were really tasty and made a nice change from Quorn as a substitute, the only complaints being that the beans were a bit rubbery and there wasn’t enough gravy (he nicked some from my mum)

Homity pie
Drunken Homity Pie

I think the star of the show was definitely my mum’s choice: the Drunken Homity Pie, consisting of onions, leeks and potatoes, EPA Dambuster cheese sauce, with more potato dolloped on top and a side of mushy peas. A creamy filling with a hint of bitterness from the ale, plus the buttery crust of pastry made this pie a winner. If that wasn’t enough, it also came with a free drink, making it really good value for money.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the food on offer here, not least because my parents are sometimes quite hard to please! There were some misses but plates were ultimately cleaned, and the atmosphere was relaxed and enjoyable, which was exactly what we wanted for a casual and quick lunch.

robyn’s review: 7/10

Find The Ned Ludd at 27 Friar Lane, Nottingham NG1 6DA

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