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5 thoughts on… looking presentable at work when you start before 9am

Working in an environment that offers flexible working hours, 9/10 times I will find myself in the office before 9am. This is great for numerous reasons: its quieter, so productivity levels tend to soar. You can enjoy breakfast at the canteen before all the good stuff’s gone. And of course, you can leave earlier. Hooray!

It does, however, have its downfalls – the main one being that my earlybird efforts often mean I sacrifice style. But I’m on a journey to turn this around, and I’m going to invite you along. So, allow me to present my tips for looking halfway decent when it’s really rather early…

1. Wake up earlier


This is the most simple tip yet also the most difficult to implement. Now, if I want to be at work for 8am (or earlier, if possible), nicely dressed and with proper make-up then I need to be up at 6am. And I don’t just mean awake, I mean UP (I feel you, snooze junkies) Because I rely on public transport, I need this amount of time if I’m to do my make-up properly, plus a nod to my hair and outfit. It’s rough, but it’s the reality.

2. Get used to wearing less eye make-up


This is something I’m currently trialling. Having been an eyeliner fangirl since my teens, I’m often met with exclamations of “Are you ill/hungover?!” whenever I have the audacity to not apply full eye make-up (and you can only imagine the distress of my romantic endeavours the morning after). Quite frankly, it’s made me re-think my norms. So I’m now more frequently opting for just mascara, and while it’s definitely not a strong look, I’m sort of just hoping my colleagues forget how much prettier I was once upon a time (and therefore blow everyone’s minds when I do make the effort)

3. Plan your outfit the night before


It sounds totally high school, but having an idea of what you’re going to wear the following day really makes a difference to your overall presentation. The majority of the reasons why I turn up to the office later than planned are wardrobe-related emergencies (along the lines of JESUS HOW DID THAT GET SO CREASED SO QUICKLY?) The solution is simple: plan it out, lay it out, style it out.

4. Accessorise


Because even if the rest of you looks like shit, some shiny rings and a statement necklace will at least trick people into thinking you’ve made an effort with your appearance (grills & sunglasses probably not applicable)

5. Bring goodies


As an absolute last resort, have something chocolately/sugary/entirely unhealthy on hand to bring in to work. Something so delicious your colleagues won’t even take a second glance at you with your cakey af make-up and the mayo stain on your jeans. The chocolate brownie exists for a reason – utilise it.

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