Brunch at Bill’s, Nottingham – review

If I was going to have to give myself one really basic resolution for 2017 (and I mean basic in the ‘pumpkin spice latte w/ soya milk’ sense) it would be to do brunch more often. I’ve come to believe that no one ever leaves brunch feeling worse for it. It’s versatile – you can pretty much eat whatever you fancy, sweet or savoury, and it falls into the category of ‘brunch food’.  It gets you up and out, ready for the day. Everyone just seems cheerier over brunch. So despite already being two months into the year, a sunny Sunday morning convinced me it’s never to late to go after your goals – especially when they involve food.

Bill’s serves food all day but it tends to be the breakfast that gets talked about so my friend and I headed there. There’s a classy, almost vintage feel to it inside, and we grabbed a table by the window to check out the menu.


It pretty much covers all bases in terms of breakfast, with a particularly diverse range of healthy options and comfort food, from stacks of pancakes to avocado toast. On the healthier end of this spectrum is Bill’s version of a vegetarian full English, featuring some interesting substitutions to the norm that we were keen to try. We both opted for that, along with a generous amount of tea to accompany our people-watching.

The food arrived super quickly (perks of getting in early, I guess) and what a beautiful plate of food it was. An atypical brekky in looks as well as ingredients, this was presented like an Instagrammer’s dream: each component carefully positioned to show it off to its full potential, with a smear of chilli jam the folks on Masterchef should aspire to replicate. “Almost too good to eat” I thought, before demolishing it without hesitation.

Bill’s Vegetarian Breakfast

Two slices of toast, one topped with smashed avocado and the other red pepper hummus, stacked beneath two poached eggs. Juicy mushrooms and tomatoes finished it off,  plus the extra dose of carb I’d ordered in the form of a bubble & squeak rosti. The whole thing was hearty but not heavy, with distinctive flavours that were tasty and fresh.

It could be improved: the toast could have been a tad crispier, the yolks a bit more runny, and next time I’d order the baked beans as well just to have something to dip everything else in (because while tasty and nice to look at, the chilli jam didn’t quite satisfy in this sense).

At close to a tenner it’s not the cheapest breakfast option, but you’re paying for more than a greasy spoon vibe and much more than a greasy spoon taste. The service was great, the food was good and we did indeed leave feeling better than we’d arrived.

Brunch, you did it again.

robyn’s review: 7/10

Find Bill’s at 15 Queen Street, Nottingham, NG1 2BL

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