Bunk, Nottingham – review

The Lace Market area of Nottingham is home to many a nice bar and restaurant, all of which seem to be getting fancier by the minute. Sometimes you don’t want fancy. Sometimes you just want Bunk.

An underground bunker of sorts (hence the name), this place is all about the ambience. Moody lighting is cut through with the odd burst of neon, exposed brickwork the backdrop to wooden tables and benches. Aside from a couple of rather grand chandeliers it’s a cool and casual hangout, ideal for kickstarting a night out and post-work refuelling alike.

It was the latter my friends and I were here for. As the neon sign states, Bunk specialises in cocktails and wings (plus Quorn chicken nuggets for the veggies). It’s rather refreshing to have a no-nonsense simplicity to a menu – choice is great but can sometimes feel like a bit of a burden. So if you’re after something quick, easy and not particularly healthy, you know where it’s at.


The sub zero temperatures outside meant it felt both acceptable and necessary to order far too much food – no less than 40 wings, with sides, between the three of us. You have a pick of sauces for your chicken to be slathered in, so we split it four ways: smoky BBQ, habanero, buffalo and chipotle. Add on some beers to wash it all down with and we were sorted.


There are few greater pleasures in life than seeing your food making its way to your table, and we didn’t have long to wait before a tray bigger than the waitress carrying it was piled high with baskets and en route to our table.


It’s a hands-on job here, but getting messy is all part of the experience. The chicken is juicy and falls off the bone with ease, coated plentifully in sticky sauce. Speaking of sauce, a quick review:

Chipotle: nice and peppery, but lacking the smokiness I’d expect
Habanero: a dream if you like ’em hot, will leave your lips tingly for a good hour
Smokey BBQ: sticky, rich and well, smokey – an addictive staple
Buffalo: spicy and tangy, melt-in-the mouth buttery beautiful goodness… can you tell these were my favourite of the bunch?

I hear what you’re saying: sure, your food was pretty perfect for a dreary Thursday and yes it came quite literally by the bucket load but how much did your wallet suffer for it?

Disgustingly little, is the answer. Bunk has a neat little offer where between 5 – 9pm of an evening, every food item you order is half price. Yep, half price – EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK. Our entire order came to £15 between the three of us. I’d declare daylight robbery, but I really don’t want to upset the status quo here.


So what can I say? Cool vibe, cool food, cool af price. Cheers Bunk, we love you.

robyn’s review: 9.5/10

(deducted half a point simply because the bar staff looked scared when I asked for an orange wedge in my Blue Moon)

Bunk is situated on 19 Stoney Street, Nottingham NG1 1LP



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