robyn reviews… Smashbox Light It Up Mascara + Primer Set

I’m definitely a Smashbox fan – I swear by their primer and their contour kit is pretty decent too – but I’d never tried out their mascara, so the release of the new Light It Up Christmas gift set range seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

This particular set comes with a lash primer and two X-Rated mascaras, one mini and one full-sized.


Firstly it’s worth noting how bloody beautiful the packaging is for the whole Light It Up range – neon pink boxes teamed with the minimalist logo work so well, and really showcase the products inside.

Lash primer

The Photo Finish Lash Primer comes in a neat little size that’s not entirely necessary. After all, no one is topping up their primer on the go, so I’d have preferred something a bit larger and less portable in terms of getting my money’s worth. The formula inside is silky soft, but I found the wand wasn’t the easiest to use – the bristles are very hard, and it takes a few haphazard rotations to get the desired application of product. However, it does seem to prevent the dreaded clumping effect.

On to the main event…

Smashbox mascara
X-Rated mascara – mini
X-Rated mascara – full-sized

The X-Rated full-sized tube has a brilliant twist to it, one of those little details that really makes the product feel more premium. The bristles on this wand feel evenly balanced, and it can easily coat every lash in a single stroke. The smaller sized product is similar, if not a little denser, which is ideal for building a fuller lash look.


The formula is of course the same for both sizes, and it’s probably the best I’ve used to date. Really long-lasting, it gives my fairly short lashes some great length and volume while staying soft all day (I couldn’t pick it off even if I wanted to)


Available for £19.50 from Boots, it’s definitely more of a splurge than a save (and I’d say that Smashbox products in general are a tad overpriced) But on the whole it’s of a fairly high quality, and along with the aesthetics it makes a really lovely Christmas gift. Good job Smashbox, I’m still a fan.


when you realise you don’t know how to accurately photograph mascara while wearing it

robyn’s review: 7.5/10

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