Londontown Lakur nail polish – review

Despite the fact that I’ve never once had my nails done at a salon, I’m one of those people who finds it a necessity to always be wearing polish. It just makes me feel slightly more elegant than the rest of my disheveled demeanour would suggest, teamed with the fact that my natural nails are unremarkable at best and downright hideous at worst. Either way, I bloody love a good nail polish.


As I work for a large beauty retailer, and the presence of a nifty little staff shop means I’ve steadily amassed an impression nail polish collection over the last couple of years. It was in said staff shop that a new one recently caught my eye – Lakur Enhanced Colour by Londontown, a British-grown brand with a focus on strengthening and healing your nails, without compromising on colour.

Naturally, I thought that was worthy of a review.

It’s worth noting that I finished both of these colours off with a topcoat of Seche Vite – the undisputed best goddamn topcoat that exists on the market today (and probably worthy of a review in itself for those who don’t know – watch this space)

Earl Grey

Earl Grey is a cold stone shade, a solid grey that’s unremarkable in the bottle but bold and complementary on the nails. Thick and smooth on application, you could easily get away with just the one coat if you’re short on time. It’s the perfect wintery shade and goes with absolutely everything, so it’s definitely going to be one I’ll be wearing a lot this season.

Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue is a bright neon shade, an amalgamation of green and yellow that I’d put money on glowing in the dark. This one doesn’t go on quite so easily, needing more careful strokes and definitely a second coat. A rather in-your-face colour that will look awesome when paired with a tan in summer, but might make your grandma cringe when she gets a glimpse of it (as did mine)

Both shades lasted noticeably longer than some of the cheaper brands I’ve tried, and my nails did seem stronger and less brittle – though that may just be some subliminal messaging on their end (if I suddenly declare that I wish to enlist in the army on behalf of Londontown etc then please send help)

BIG RED FLAG – Electric avenue stains like a bitch. Seriously, I had to wait a month for my nails to grow out for the ‘smoker yellow’ shade to disappear. Be warned and use a base coat.

Having only tried 2 shades, you might say I can’t really give Londontown Lakur a proper review. Well you’d be wrong, because here it is: one of the best nail polish ranges I’ve used thus far. Strong colours with a formula that applies easily and with minimal gloop, a nice even brush that’s not too blunt, and classy branding. A winner in my eyes – please send all shades to me directly.

robyn’s review: 7/10


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