robyn reviews… turning 26

It seems appropriate that my first review should be a rather recent, pretty major life event. Now, don’t get too excited – I didn’t get engaged or land a new job. I didn’t purchase a one-way ticket to somewhere exotic. Heck I didn’t even manage to make an omelette that didn’t somewhat scramble.

No, I simply got another year older… a significant year, some may say. That’s right – last week I officially became closer to 30 than to 20. I turned 26! Amateur dramatics over, here’s what I thought of it.

Birthday celebrations

In the past I’ve ended up somewhat disappointed with my birthday plans – almost always because I’ve been too concerned with ‘looking’ like I’m having the best time ever, rather than just doing what I’d prefer. Perhaps that was my first act of closer-to-thirtydom: just doing what I wanted, with the people I wanted to be with. And it was wonderful. Highlights include:

  • Dinner with work friends, featuring a particularly tasty burger
  • A night out with my London bestie Em, in which we were excessive at Duck & Waffle and paid for nothing
  • Dinner with my other best friend come flatmate Phil, where we stuffed ourselves with beer, brisket and Philly cheesesteak
  • A night out in my hometown of Nottingham, the details of which are hazy but the sense of fun is strong
Because nothing says ‘East London vibes’ like a bomber jacket, no?

robyn’s review: 9/10 (the horrific hangover prevents full marks)

26 and what it means

So do I feel any different? I guess being closer to 30 could bring with it some apprehensions – am I where I imagined I’d be? Are you supposed to be a bit more balanced once you reach your (technically) late twenties? Maybe. But I’ve realised it’s not such a clean-cut path for me… and that’s 100% ok.

Because I’m happy with where I’m at. I’m relatively independent. I’m on my career ladder of choice (ish) and a future plan is finally starting to materialise. I’m feeling more driven than I have done for a few years. And I have a family and a group of friends who I love. So far, 26 is looking pretty bright.

All I can say is bring it on; I’m feeling better than ever.

robyn’s review: 8/10


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